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My name is Katrina.  I have been coming to the Y for years.  As a child I participated in Camp Bishop, swimming lessons, gymnastics, and after school programs.  My time spent at the Y was always so much fun.

As a teenager I started to drift into the wrong crowd.  I started skipping school and making poor decisions.  Unfortunately, the poor decisions took over my life and I became someone I couldn’t
even stand to look at in the mirror.

The Y has helped me whenever I get stressed out, upset, rundown, sad, depressed, or even tired.  I workout because afterwards I feel amazing.  I love spinning classes the most, but I am up for any workout thrown my way.  My workout time also gives my children time to socialize with other kids in Busytown.  Some nights when we want to do something fun as a family we go to the Y to go swimming.  The kids get to have fun swimming  and my husband and I each get a relaxing turn in the hot tub.

I have also made so many new friends attending the Y.  No matter the mood I am in when I wake up, my trip to the Y makes me a happier person.


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February 24, 2015