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This year, the YMCA of Grays Harbor updated its lessons to increase the accessibility and enjoyment of swimming to all ages and skill levels. The latest evolution of Y Swim Lessons accommodates varying abilities to help foster a sense of achievement as swimmers’ progress between levels. Through this approach, advanced swimmers flow more easily to higher levels while swimmers who need more instruction can learn at their own pace. This results in more confident swimmers who stick with lessons and develop a love for swimming that can last a lifetime.

“We want swim lessons to be a rite of passage for ALL children; helping kids stay safe in and around the water while developing a love of swimming,” said Nicole Evanson, YMCA of Grays Harbor Aquatics Director. “Through our latest approach to swim lessons, kids of all ages can progress at their own pace while building the confidence needed to become a successful swimmer.”

The Y is a national leader in swim instruction and water safety. The YMCA of Gray Harbor aquatic programs are designed to teach personal water safety and swimming skills to everyone. Our instructors are certified by Red Cross in water safety and nationally certified in YMCA swim instruction.

Classes arrange swimmers by skill level as swimmers progress through the instruction program. Our progressive swim instruction method uses a problem solving, guided discovery teaching approach in a positive, caring environment.

The YMCA of Grays Harbor strives to create a safe, fun, and encouraging environment for all swimmers. In addition to teaching swimming skills, our instructors are passionate about creating a positive atmosphere that encourages our students to be courteous, respectful, responsible, and confident individuals and athletes. Our classes are about more than just teaching techniques, they’re about building confidence and nurturing potential, progressing with your needs and abilities, for introductory to competitive.